Gets A Facelift!

Greetings my dear hellions, and welcome to AZKAOS.COM v2.0!

You may have noticed that things look a little different around here and may also be wondering if you’re in the right place. That isn’t really a question I can answer for you, but after more than a few years, an update was probably due. So here’s a quick run down of what the fuck happened.

First and foremost, as I’m sure each and every one of you noticed, the site was down completely for a few months since someone forgot to pay the electric bill. During that time, we lost EVERYTHING on the website because the greedy shitbags we used to have for a host held it hostage for a sizeable amount of cash. Since AZ Kaos is self-funded and perpetually kind of broke, paying said shitbags wasn’t really an option. The good news is that, much like your mom’s libido, we can’t be killed.

You see, history has a funny was of repeating itself, so I was brought back to salvage what I could from the ashes of the last site with many of the processes used to build AZ KAOS in the first place. So while things look a little different, you’ll also find some fuzzy-blanket familiarity as well.

I’d also like to give my infinite gratitude to Finney for helping with coding and puttingĀ  out fires. If it weren’t for The Finnster’s vast knowledge of The Technology, you’d probably be looking at whatever all those damned hackers keep trying to install instead of Arizona punk things. Please take this moment for an honorary smoke to give thanks.

Pressing on, like I said, we’ve managed to recover quite a bit and even added a few things from that weird period between the print zine and the website when we lived up to our name and spread KAOS all over the place. If you’re really bored one day, you might find some wonderful rarities and gems floating around somewhere on this site. I’ve also taken the liberty of making new graphics for some old articles to make your stay here a little more visually pleasing.

As of this moment, we have not been able to recover all of the photos, so you may find a few dead links, but those are being dug up and should be replaced shortly. In the meantime, any photos we have restored have also been resized for faster loading times. Hooray.

The old print zines can be read via PDF on the Zine page and now have descriptions of the content to find what you’re looking for. I’m still trying to track down a few pages from two of the issues, so those will be added as well once found.

The Calendar is back and more packed than ever! This is where you’ll find bitchin’ shows and things punks might like to do all over the Pit of Hell we call home. Each event link goes to a page with more details about the event and pretty much negates the fallacy that there isn’t anything to do around here. So go browse it often and support folks so they’ll keep playing and still have places to do just that.

Television Kaos, Contests, and Merch will also be making a comeback soon, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on those as well as the many other surprises we have in store over the next year or so!

Other than that, it’s the same old AZ KAOS you’ve come to love and hate over the past TEN YEARS and we simply cannot thank you all enough for continuing to support our antics! There are far too many people to thank individually, but know that we appreciate everything, no matter how small, that you have contributed to keep this machine running! No one is more surprised that we’re still going than we are and we would’ve never made it past a MySpace page without all of you!

We hope you enjoy the new digs and will continue contributing to this madhouse! Go to shows, buy merch, tip your bartender, send music, write reviews, take photos, make videos, buy a beer for a broke stranger, speak the fuck up, stick it to The Man, and most importantly, do your thing! We’re always here with an open door.



–Rikki Lee

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