Best Albums You May Have Missed in 2017 (Part 2)

Here are some more records released over the last year that made us all warm and tingly all over. If you missed part 1, you can check it out here. 

Once again, there is no order to these, just solid recordings from bands we’ve been checking out and encourage you to as well if you’ve been in desperate need of something actually good to listen to.



law/ less
2017 Demo
Self Released

I accidentally stumbled onto this Milwaukee band while surfing the internet and, quite frankly, it was one of the best gifts to myself. Law/less are straight up, ball-busting punk fucking rock and damned if they don’t feel like beacon of hope among the sea of mismatched and overly pretentious rip-off “punk” bands floating around these days. The music is tight as fuck, the rhythm section growls with a mighty roar, and the vocals come ripping like a guttural war cry from the depths of hell.  This 5-song demo might just be the best you’ve heard in at least a decade.




Hex Wave
Demonlust Demos
Casa Butthole Record Collective

The more I listen to this demo, the more Hex Wave is becoming one of my favorite new Phoenix bands. Imagine The Mummies went on a bad trip in Portland, stopped by a psycho beach party, and watched a bunch of of creepy cool horror cartoons from the 1960’s and you might be close to the experience. It has all of the elements a spooky rock and roller could ask for with added fuzz and reverb. A full length is rumored to be coming out this year and the anticipation is already killing me.




Alice Bag & The Sissybears
Reign of Fear 7″
Don Giovanni Records

Alice Bag is one of the original godmothers of punk and hardcore. Her track record of bands, albums, books, activism, and just being a fierce fucking goddess is prolific and insanely influential on more bands, artists, and fans than you could possibly ever count. She has pioneered the way for many and never took anyone’s shit. I can’t honestly find a good reason why monuments haven’t been built in her honor, although she’d probably rather have a revolution instead. Thankfully, she’s shown no signs of slowing down and this latest effort is a testament to that. You may worship her by picking up the Reign of Fear single and praying to its mighty sanctity.





The Fuck You Ups
Congratulations Americans
Self Released

Any AZ punker worth a shit that has lived here more than a college term knows The Fuck You Ups. Hell, you might even recall when UPS nearly refused to ship one of their packages over a misread label a few years back. While it seemed they were going to remain a ramble in the back-row old fart’s repertoire about the “good ol’ days,” The Fuck You Ups have returned to stir up some pots with their tongue-in-cheek skate punk ready to irritate your neighbors and hit on your mom.

In true motherfucker fashion, Congratulations Americans was rather quietly been released (took long enough, assholes), but don’t let that fool you or slide past your radar, this album is fucking rad and definitely worth waiting for!




Horror Section
The Omen
Eccentric Pop Records

Three ripping Midwest pop punk tracks in tribute to Damien himself! Each song is based off the trilogy of films and is an excellent follow up to a split they did with Dan Vapid & The Cheats dedicated to The Twilight Zone. This is some seriously good shit and definitely a band to keep an eye on.





Moral Panic
Moral Panic LP
Slovenly Recordings

As the old saying goes, “Live fast, die young, and leave a good looking corpse.” NYC’s Moral Panic did just that. Their former life as The Livids was certainly running at mach 5, and they’ve since reanimated that pretty little death wish with all their degenerate teenage punk rock venom while somehow managing to kick up the speed even more.  This record will have your nose bleeding before you can even finish your Drink/ Smoke (The title of the first track… see what I did there?).




WWHD: What Would Hitler Do?
Slope Records


Speaking of corpses, 2017 was the year of resurrection for many of Arizona’s first generation punks. Heralding from a time when Phoenix carried the torch for culture jamming and Situationist stunts, when Dadaism ran the streets that are now rubble under Downtown’s gentrified “Arts District,” Frank Discussion and his band of Merry Pranksters (Clear Bob and D.H. Peligro) are back to preach more lessons in subversion and they’ve chosen The Great Orange as the point of re-entry. Quite frankly, their guerilla tactics and avant garde approach to fucking up the system could not have come at a better time. Feederz still have a lot to teach us and I’d like to think that everyone already owns this 7″ as required listening, but if you’re not already in The Feederz Fan Club, you’d better get your shit together right now.



The following albums also belong on this list, but since we already reviewed them, you can just click on the red links and read more that way.


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-Rikki Lee


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