Bindi-Eye – “Soapbox Synthesis”

Soapbox Synthesis
Self Released (2018)


Bindi-Eye is an experimental/ psychedelic/ post-punk project out of Chandler from the mind of Zach Wubbena (Sun Conscious) along a few familiar friends on the newest effort, Soapbox Synthesis.

With a blessing by the hands of local audio guru, Jalipaz Nelson, this album invokes an undeniable Arizona sound achieving a perfect balance of distortion and beauty through its many layers of ethereal noise, psychedelic distortion, and harmonic guidance on a melancholic journey that feels a lot like the end of a desert summer.

Much like that hazy state can often lead to a strange enlightenment, the examination of contrasts here somehow consistently finds the middle ground. Where a fair amount of conflicts should be overwhelming, they defy assumptions and find a complimentary center when joined together.

Songs like “The Rust Belt Has Stockholm Syndrome,” possibly one of the greatest song titles ever, “Zeros,” and “Paranoia Wrangler” start you out with a lo-fi grime foundation. There are also haunting tracks interspersed such as “The Tops of The Trees,” boasting a spoken piece by local writer/ poet, Emily Casalena , and a few words from Maya Angelou, or the somber yet hopeful “St. Elmo’s Driver” and “Grandpa Sold The Farm.”

The fine line between serenity and tragedy are, of course, illustrated best here by track “Radio Dreamin'” about halfway through the album featuring Daniel Suber (Hesperus/ Sun Conscious) recounting a dream reminding us that sometimes your subconscious has to shout out what you most need to hear in the waking life.

It’s all woven together into a cacophonous quilt to envelop you in comfort on those days when your brain is overcast and waiting for rain after a long stretch of drought. If you’re a fan of the Gilgongo Records catalog, know some Pacific Northwest weirdos, or are just on another plane of existence, consider “Soapbox Synthesis” to help fill up your discordant silence.



You can hear or buy it here.


–Rikki Lee

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