Bleach Party, USA – “Get Stoked”

Bleach Party, USA
Get Stoked
Mystic Records (2017)


Serious times call for serious measures. In a time where everybody is so goddamned serious about and offended by everything, Bleach Party, USA comes rolling off the bus from Tucson to piss in your neighbors plants with their old school sensibility and traditional punk-chuckle-fuck sense of humor ready to have a good time. For what punker amongst us hasn’t a legendary prank of questionable taste in their arsenal?

One of the great things about Arizona’s punk bands is that, often, they have a familiar sound with a slight hint of influences from wherever else they’ve traveled over their record listening careers, making a sound you can’t easily place within the desert community. With Bleach Party, USA‘s debut Get Stoked you’ll find many notes of that early So-Cal skate/ surf punk which landed them on the legendary indie label Mystic Records along side bands such as Ill Repute, RKL, Aggression, and Dr. Know. Scratch a little off the surface, and you’ll also find noises characteristic of early Cleveland/ Pittsburgh/ New England punk bands that have been crashing parties and forgetting to put out records for decades now.

The cover alone should give you a good idea of what you’re in for with Get Stoked, but just in case you skipped past that part, the opening track Drink Bleach will not only encourage doing just that, but also have you shouting, “Drink bleach motherfucker!,” in your sleep before you know it. Throw in some dick jokes, a nice round of “Fuck all your rules!,” a jab or two at those little rich shithead posers sparing for change to put in that Bitchin’ Camaro their parents bought them, and tie one off at the end of the night with a good old fashioned Party Buster. Just remember to hide your mothers and good booze.

This EP is short, fast, delightfully distasteful, and one hell of a fun ride proving that any time is the right time for terrible puns and devil music. Obviously, if you’re a Crust Fund baby, you may not get the joke.



You can listen to Get Stoked and pick up some sweet merch via the Bleach Party, USA bandcamp.


Or just go catch them live and feed them cheap, sweaty beers.

October 7, 2017 – Bleach Party, USA/ The Sindicate (dropped)/ Burnin Roach/ Manoz Zuziaz at Krusty Palmz in Phoenix.

October 21, 2017 РBlue Collar Criminals/ Stubborn Old Bastards/ Bleach Party, USA/ Santo Diablo/ Ted Riviera’s Gunrunners at Premises Skatepark in Tucson.

October 28, 2017 – Bordertown Devils/ Flying Donkey Punch/ Elysian/ Bleach Party, USA/ Blueprints For Destruction/ D.B.F.O.S at The Quarry in Bisbee.



–Rikki Lee

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