Circle Jerks: My Career As A Jerk

If you are a fan of the Circle Jerks then this is a no-brainer to buy or borrow because you will enjoy it. David Markey brings us yet another great documentary with tons of interviews, live footage and a few rarities. Everyone gets their chance to talk and give their opinions and side to the story as why the band is no longer together but what I enjoy more is hearing about how they got together and what the first few years were like. When Keith, Greg or Lucky talk about the early years of the band they do so in a way that is not influenced by what happened in later years, for me it is nice to see that any animosity today does not cloud what they were able to do 30 sum years ago. Zander and Earl Liberty provide plenty of good stories from their time in the band and you learn the whole story on Roger, the original bassist.

This documentary is pretty much the beginning of the band up til now, forming the band, the struggles, the success that seemed to be just around the corner, the break up and how OFF! came about, more or less. Watching this did not completely remove all hopes for a reunion in my mind, I still think it is possible…just not likely but stranger things have happened, hell, Keith, Greg and Zander will all be at Punk Rock Bowling this year so at least 3 Jerks will be in the same city at the same time, that’s a start.

There is a bout another 30 minutes of extra footage on the DVD so you definitely have to check that out, it is really good stuff. David Markey did a good job of getting the types of answers he was looking for and putting it all together. If you are like me and have more than few punk documentaries in your collection then this is a must have, believe me it is one of the better ones out there with great quality, production and content.


-Mikey Kaos

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