Decline Of Western Civilization Finally On DVD

Any punk or person claiming to be punk has at least seen the first beyond-classic film “Decline Of Western Civilization.” Either on VHS, a ripped DVD or in my case when I was younger, a 5th generation copy of a copy. For years now we have been hearing that all 3 will be released on DVD and for years we have waited. Well it seems the wait is over! All three of the films will now be released on a four disc deluxe box set June 30th and can be pre-ordered now on Amazon. It will cost close to 60 bucks but I really don’t think that will stop many of us from snapping it up and when you throw in a 40 page book, extended interviews and a commentary from Dave Grohl, it is pretty much a done deal.


It is not a leap to say that many of us owe a debt of gratitude to Penelope Spheeris for capturing those early days in the first film as so much was lost over the years or never filmed. I admit I was not a huge fan of the second film “The Metal Years” but I know many of you are and the final “Part III” with its focus on gutter punks has in itself become a classic and much sought after.


Here is your chance to own all three with a bonus disc on a format that will finally do them justice.


–Mikey Kaos

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