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Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
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7th Annual Rockabilly Bash

The ExBats/ Weird Radicals/ Stevie & The Wonders/ Puppy & The HJs

Preening/ Soft Shoulder/ Vertical Slum

Skullcrack/ Pig City

Agent Orange/ The Atom Age (Tucson)

The Outhouse The Film 1985-1997

Agent Orange/ The Atom Age (Tempe)

The Dickies/ The Queers/ Ass Wipe Junkies

Dick Dale/ Tom Walbank (Tucson)

Playboy Manbaby/ TOSO/ Not Confined/ Exxtra Crispy

Cadaver Dabba Doos/ Emperor Asshole/ Noonday Devils/ GodSpeedBall

Dick Dale/ Grave Danger (Phoenix)

Surfside IV/ Contradiktion/ Honey danger & The I-10 Shooters/ Loserfur

Tiki Bandits (Tempe)

Tiki Bandits/ The Distortionists (Tucson)

Mr. Incommunicado/ Nomada


Whores/ Helms Alee (Phoenix)

Suss Law/ Gimp/ Scraplord/ Feretory

Whores/ Helms Alee (Tucson)

Peelander Z (Flagstaff)

The Godfathers of Hardcore – Screening + Q&A Panel

Zig Zags/ Free Machines/ UFO Dictators

The Godfathers of Hardcore – Screening + Q&A Panel

Peelander Z (Scottsdale)

Rezurex/ Creepsville

The Limit Club/ Pope Paul & The Illegals/ Billy & The Kids


2018 Punk Rock Prom – Escape From The Zoo/ The Anti-Don’ts/ Travis James/ Skull Drug

Aon/ Hex Wave/ Lana Del Rabies/ Cult of The Yellow Sign/ Dahlia De La Nuit/ Aluna Reign

The Distortionists/ The Demons/ BTP & Friends

Record Store Day – Mission Creeps/ Brea Burns/ The Glides/ Dirty Hairy/ Pesky Feds

Border Town Devils/ Creepsville/ Def Yeti/ Madd Dog Tannen/ Lesser Saints

No Volcano/ The Father Figures/ Shovel

The Declaimed/ F.O.L./ Quantum Colossus/ One Last Drag/ Blasphemous Inebriation


J E Double F/ General Anxiety/ The Linecutters/ Birth of Monsters

Reverend Beat Man/ Nicole Izobel Garcia (Flagstaff)

Reverend Beat Man/ Nicole Izobel Garcia (Tempe)

Man Hands / Lenguas Largas / Krab Legz

Red Elvises/ Delta Bombers

Bob Log III/ Mission Creeps (Tucson)

Loserfur/ The EarlyGrabs/ Sewer Gap

40 Ouncers/ Blue Collar Criminals/ Skull Drug/ Manopla/ Manoz Zuziaz/ Deepcuts/ The Otos

Corky’s Leather Jacket (CD Release)/ We Might Be Wasted/ Paid To Play/ Birth of Monsters

Alavarius B. [Alan Bishop of Sun City Girls] / Fat Gray Cat

Old Fashion Assassin/ Noonday Devils/ Shovel/ GodSpeedBall

Some Local Spuds (Devo)/ X Offenders (Blondie)/ Wild Gift (X)

The Delta Bombers/ Grave Danger (Matinee Show)

Toots & The Maytals

Igor & The Red Elvises (Phoenix)


Los Kung Fu Monkeys/ Bowcat/ Mr. Incommunicado

The Garden/ Shattered Faith/ Tijuana Panthers/ Cowgirl Clue

Lawrence Arms/ Red City Radio/ Sincere Engineer

Pinata Protest/ Nomada/ Birth of Monsters/ Brain Zap

Mark Hosler & Wobbly (Negativland)/ Gabriella Isaac

On The Cinder/ Plainfield Butchers/ Acne Superstar

Woundvac (Album Release)/ Sorrower/ Burnout/ No Year/ Reasons/ Pig City

Quantum Colossus/ Wolves of Winter/ Dumpster Hump

Labor Party/ Skink/ GodSpeedBall

Sabroso Beer, Taco, & Music Festival

MaSKArade Ball – 2 Tone Lizard Kings/ The Effects/ Undercover Monsters

Dreamdecay/ Soft Shoulder/ Maximum Roach

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