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Calendar of Events
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The Delta Bombers/ Grave Danger (Matinee Show)

Toots & The Maytals

Igor & The Red Elvises (Phoenix)


Los Kung Fu Monkeys/ Bowcat/ Mr. Incommunicado

The Garden/ Shattered Faith/ Tijuana Panthers/ Cowgirl Clue

Lawrence Arms/ Red City Radio/ Sincere Engineer

Pinata Protest/ Nomada/ Birth of Monsters/ Brain Zap

Mark Hosler & Wobbly (Negativland)/ Gabriella Isaac

On The Cinder/ Plainfield Butchers/ Acne Superstar

Woundvac (Album Release)/ Sorrower/ Burnout/ No Year/ Reasons/ Pig City

Quantum Colossus/ Wolves of Winter/ Dumpster Hump

Labor Party/ Skink/ GodSpeedBall

Sabroso Beer, Taco, & Music Festival

MaSKArade Ball – 2 Tone Lizard Kings/ The Effects/ Undercover Monsters

Dreamdecay/ Soft Shoulder/ Maximum Roach

Not Confined/ God’s Beard/ FoL/ Plants After Dark/ Defected Memory


Pinata Protest (Secret Show)

Backtrack/ Mizery/ Regulate/ Hangman/ Get A Grip

DFMK/ Birth of Monsters/ Kill Spree

TV Tragedy/ Birth of Monsters

JJCNV/ Dadadoh/ TK & The Irresistibles/ Gwyneth Paltrow Afterparty/ Wiccan Babysitter/ Hex Marrow

Button Struggler/ Noonday Devils/ Def Yeti/ Three Rounds

2 Tone Lizard Kings (Album Release)/ Warsaw Poland Bros/ Mr. Incommunicado/ Bowcat

El Googly Diablo/ EmperorAsshole/ Skink/ Shovel


Leeway/ Rhythm of Fear/ Broloaf/ SaintBreaker

Voice of Addiction/ Bleach Party, USA/ The Frecks/ The Distortionists/ Jesse Vasquez & The 21 Dreams

Leeway/ Rhythm of Fear/ The Beautiful Ones/ Sex Prisoner/ Reasons

PEARS/ Eye Rake/ HiGH/ Robot (re)pair

Whispering Wires/ TWGS/ DJ Isaac Reyes

Voice of Addiction/ We Might Be Wasted/ Rundown Roommates/ Fat By The Gallon/ Aggressive Express

The Rocketz/ Devillians

Smoke Tree Ramp Grand Opening w/ Ass Wipe Junkies/ Molotov Cockroach/ Heavy Breather

Spanish Love Songs/ LightSpeedGo/ Ghost In The Willow/ Black Paw

Daikaiju/ The Furys

Too Broke To Bowl 2018: The Effects/ Kool Aid Jones/ Dumpster Hump/ Birth of Monsters/ Reason Unknown/ Hobo Bastard/ Alex G

THRA/ Xiuhcoatl/ Wrought/ Loserfur/ IJustSawYouDie

Scorpion vs Tarantula/ Button Struggler/ GodSpeedBall/ Noonday Devils

Here To Be Heard: The Story of The Slits


Ground Score/ Juicy Karkass/ Whiskey Drunk/ Douuble You/ Paid Yo Play/ In Good Cause

The Freeze/ The Father Figures (Early Show)

Set Your Anchor/ Countime/ Minor Morals/ Upstart 33/ Thug Riot

Days N’ Daze/ Juicy Karkass/ Ground Score/ Dead Beat Hymns

Media About Media About Media: The Negativland Story

Days N Daze (Late Show) w/ Alcohol Abuse/ Manoz Zuziaz/ Birth of Monsters/ Skull Drug/ Brain Zap/ Critical Miss/ Chase The Comet/ Arkalien

The Bar Stool Preachers (Yuma)


Rundown Roomates/ Zero Degrees North/ Corky’s Leather Jacket/ 80*D/ Dumpster Hump/ Molotov Cockroach/ Some Jaywalkers

Bob Log III/ The Outlaw Inlaws

Subhumans/ Corrupted Youth/ The Flossies

Man Hands/ Ten High/ Shovel

MDC/ Bleach Party, USA/ En Tierra Enemiga/ Paid To Play/ Hiroshima Defx

Two Man Advantage/ BroLoaf/ Wire Feeder/ We Might Be Wasted/ Birth of Monsters

The Melvins/ All Souls (Flagstaff)

The Melvins (Phoenix)

D.O.A./ MDC (Tucson)

No Year/ Birth of Monster/ The Living Receiver/ Stone Claw

D.O.A./ MDC/ Krovak/ The Linecutters/ FoL/ Ass Wipe Junkies

Wyatt Blair. The Resonars/ Weird Radicals/ The ExBats/ Doms

Alice In Wonderland: Silent Film Score by RPM Orchestra

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