Idiot Box (What’s Up Doc?)

We do love our punk documentaries here at AZ KAOS, and a new year means we’re going to try something a little new. Instead of your regularly scheduled Trailer Park in which we watch trailers for upcoming docs, we’re going to give you the gift of watching a few full length ones that the filmmakers or bands have graciously made available for free. Hope you’ve got some time to kill on these killer flicks about punk rockers and be sure to show your support and thanks for keeping us entertained.



MALIGNUS YOUTH – “The Genius And The Strange”

Arizona legends Malignus Youth  will be playing shows again this month and this movie won’t prepare you for the assault, but it will certainly get you as stoked as we are. Check them out on 1/26 in Bisbee with Dephinger, Phoenix Hooker Cops, and Khaos Rule or on 1/27 in Tempe with Dephinger, Phoenix Hooker Cops, The Declaimed, and Mooseknuckle Sandwich!



The Taxpayers Go To Florida

Follow DIY Goof Punx, The Taxpayers, along with buddies The Wild, The Bananas, The Fuzzlers, Walter Mitty, and more for silly hi-jinks on the road in one of the most notoriously bizarre places in America — Florida. This film had disappeared into oblivion for a few years, but has finally been made public and is one hell of a fun ride with some good folks.




Street Punk – The Movie

Clocking in at over two hours and shot in the late 90’s, this doc features the likes of UK street punk bands The Varukers, Oxymoron, Red Alert, UK Subs, One Way System, Special Duties, and a whole lot more. A peek at the channel provides even more footage that didn’t make the movie.



Italian Punk Hardcore 1980-1989 – The Movie

Officially released back in 2015, but recently available for our viewing features super rare live clips and interviews from Raw Power, Impact, Wretched, Bloody Riot, Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers (CCM), Warfare?, Crash Box, and a royal fuck-ton more. It even has subtitles for those of us not fluent in Italian.



Nick Cave – Straight To You

One of the first authorized Nick Cave docs from ages ago covering his early years and featuring The Birthday Party and Berlin-era Bad Seeds is available for us to drool over.




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