Idiot Box (For The Fall)

Earlier today, the world lost its greatest curmudgeon at the age of 60. Mark E. Smith of The Fall has left the building but his legacy of cantankerous one-liners, general hatred of all that is modern and certainly insipid media wankers, his incomparable ability to “do his own thing” while giving zero fucks about what anyone else had to say, and of course, his very distinct take on how the most mundane moments in life also tend to be the most bizarre will live on in his expansive catalog of equally strange yet succinctly genius career. Smith was a prolific warrior in Punk Rock, who would not slow down or step back for any reason. Hell, he still got up on stage in a wheelchair in his last few months with every bit of piss and vinegar as he wasn’t going down without a fight.

With more members than anyone can remember, The Fall has released 32 studio albums over the years along with numerous live albums and other projects. Mark E. Smith was well know for his recording antics, experimental approaches, and insatiable thirst for anything original. Love him or hate him– he had no time for bullshit, and was definitely not appreciated as the hip priest he was. You could spend a lifetime researching his and never quite scratch the surface of how far that rabbit hole went.

In tribute to the grumpy madman himself, we’re dedicating this edition of Idiot Box to him and featuring some of the more curious clips floating around the interwebs. Obviously, we could fill a week with the highlights alone, but you can start here and choose your own adventure. Please keep your arms and legs inside and enjoy the ride.











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