Idiot Box (Local Wise)

This is our last round of music videos from the locals here in Arizona for 2017. Absolutely the last until next year and it’s quite a mix that your friendly desert dwellers have concocted for the ears of all who will partake. We have some spooky songs, some loud songs, some pseudo-devil magic, and a whole lot of just plain good times. So, grab a buddy and check out the most recent A/V treats, won’t you?



The Mission Creeps – “Friday Night Creep Out”


Get A Grip – “Just To Be Scene”



Scorpion vs Tarantula – “Female Agitator”



Dumpster Hump? – “Too Spun To Spew”



Alex Squared – “Bamboozled”



TV Tragedy – “Take It Back”



Calabrese – “List For Sacrilege (Live)”



RPM Orchestra – “Rise + Shine”

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