Idiot Box (New Stuff)

Holy shit! There are so many fucking badass new music videos out right now!

L7? They’re here. Kid Congo? He’s here too. What about Blondie? Yep. Alice Bag? You betcha. Plus many more visuals to go with new and old favorite bands. What a time to be alive!


L7 – “I Came Back To Bitch”



Alice Bag featuring Kathleen Hanna, Allison Wolfe, Shirley Manson, & Seth Bogart – “77”



Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds – “Spider Baby”



The Tissues – “On The Magazine”



The Bronx – “Night Drop At The Glue Factory”



Wild Evel & The Trashbones – “Coyote”



Shannon & The Clams – “Did You Love Me”



Blondie – “Doom Or Destiny”



Dead To Me – “Fear Is The New Bliss”



The Last Gang – “Sing For Your Supper”



Nasalrod – “Wage Slave”



Animal Nights – “To The End”



Goldfinger – “Tijuana Sunrise”



The Sewer Rats – “Too Punk For You”



Screaming Females – “I’ll Make You Sorry”



Pinstripe Loveseat – “Fuck Your Denim”



Chinese Burn – “Shut Your Mouth”

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