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We’re back again with a round of new and upcoming punk documentaries. Obviously, most won’t be easy to find, but there are some really great ones that will be ready for your eyeballs soon enough.

Join us. Learn some stuff. Hear some great stories.



Queercore: How To Punk A Revolution

A look at the subversive movement that started during the AIDS epidemic of the 1980’s and continues strong today. Covering zines, films, bands, art, hi-jinks, and more from the likes of Bruce LaBruce, G.B. Jones, Genesis P-Orridge, John Waters, Kathleen Hanna, Kim Gordon, Peaches, and many others you might just have heard of. Get your fill of rad-queer, riot grrrl, diy punk, camp, and awesome right here! This one is making the film circuit and will hopefully be out for the rest of us soon.


Underground Under Review

The Bay Area has long been regarded as the birth place of many well known DIY groups, art movements, bands, revolutionaries, and communities. Notables such as Jello Biafra and The Phenomenauts look at the importance of these communities having safe spaces to foster their creativity in the aftermath of a housing crisis, The Ghost Ship Fire, and consequential evictions in this DIY documentary. Many cities are going through a similar plight and The Bay Area underground has a lot to teach us about sticking together in the face of adversity. This film is currently screening in limited locations with no word yet on a wider release, but we’ll keep you updated.



Green Blah! The History of Green Bay Punk Rock

Wisconsin: Land of Cheese and Cheap Beer. It’s not exactly the first answer on the list of most influential areas of the US as far as punk rock goes. Green Bay is one of the more metropolitan areas, but that really isn’t saying much. Rural Midwest cities are strange and yet the perfect breeding ground for apathy and boredom to manifest in some pretty amazing music. The various Midwest punk scenes have mostly been ignored as far as national and international punk documentation goes, but each area has a very unique sound and feel to their local bands as well as a particular sense of humor and camaraderie underlying that sound.

Anyway, Green Bay is definitely home to one AZ KAOS’s favorite bands of all time and the likely reasons Taco Bell and Diet Pepsi are still in business, Boris The Sprinkler, as well as a number of great bands that you’ve probably never heard of but really should, and if a look at the Green Blah! Facebook page is any indication, maybe even a few nice glimpses at Tucson’s own Bloodspasm in their early days. You’ll also find a metric fuck-ton of flyers, live footage, anecdotes, etc. This one is still in production with no set release date, but it has to be soon, right?




The Outhouse: The Film, 1985-1997

Somewhere in the middle of a Kansas cornfield was a real shit hole of a venue appropriately named The Outhouse. The building looked like it was straight from a horror film to the degree that bands would hide in their vans until show time, yet it was home to every lowlife, miscreant, and punk rocker in the area looking for something to do in such a brutally desolate land.

The infamous Outhouse hosted a laundry list of now legendary acts during its heyday such as Circle Jerks, Fear, Body Count, L7, Social Distortion, Bad Brains, White Zombie, Descendents, Green Day, Fishbone, Meat Puppets, Fugazi, The Melvins, Rollins Band, and Gwar — most of which give interviews in this film. There is tons of footage, many fond and not-so-fond memories, and they even talk to the Outhouse neighbors.



Oil Capital Underground: The Genesis & Evolution of Punk Rock in Tulsa

I’m not even going to profess to know shit about Tulsa or its punk scene. Having only driven through there once and not remembering even a moment of it should give you an idea of my expertise here. All the more reason to check out a film covering their underground punk scene from the 1970’s  through mid-90’s. Oklahoma is a weird place and I’m betting they have some even weirder stories. If you’re looking for a blind date with a movie, this could be the winner. It’s in limited screening now with more to be announced.



Cadillac Tramps: Life on the Edge

The Cadillac Tramps were Orange County’s undisputed darlings of the scene during the 80’s and 90’s. While they may not have become as famous as some of their contemporaries (TSOL, Rancid, Youth Brigade, Foo Fighters, etc), their place in punk rock will never be forgotten. This film documents their struggle as a band and the last days of front man, Mike “Gabby” Gaborno, also known for fronting Manic Hispanic, who passed earlier this year from liver cancer at 51. It’s currently on demand and you find out more by clicking the red link above.



Media about Media about Media: The Negativland Story

If you’re not familiar with Negativland, now is the best time to do that. The band that changed the face of copyright laws, intellectual property, helped give us creative commons, mastered the art of circuit bending, gave meaning to to culture jamming, and are overall one of the most brilliant and prolific bands to date. Their catalogue is vast, cheeky, poignant, endlessly fascinating, and a hell of a lot of fun. Every modern musician and artist owes part of their careers to Negativland as they went to court so you didn’t have to.

In a manner most befitting, this film has little information about an actual release, the Facebook page has gone missing, and the IndieGoGo closed ages ago. So in short, we have no clue when our eyes and ears can ravage this glimpse into the greatest Sonic Outlaws this country has ever seen, but here’s to hoping it’s sooner than later.



There isn’t much time left to buy your ticket to salvation starting at the low price of $11.11! Praise Bob! Eat your fnord! Slack!

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