We have taken the decision to withdraw the messaging function between buyers and sellers so all initial dealings must be over the phone, which we believe will deter most scammers.

If you are confident you are conversing with a legitimate buyer, and would rather continue negotiations over email, you can share your contact details with the caller at your own risk.

We advise that no money exchange hands until the buyer has either :

a) Viewed the item in-person

b) Received a short video of a walk-around the item

c) Received further images of the item

If you are offered an over-payment and then asked to return money, it is a SCAM. If the person insists they can only continue negotiations through email for whatever reason, or insists on sending you a cheque or bank transfer without much interest in inspecting the goods, it is very likely they could be a fraud.

Let us know about any suspicious enquiries you receive by CLICKING HERE

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