Punk Rock Bowling 2014 Day 1

Well, the 16th annual Punk Rock Bowling & Musical Festival ended last week so here we are again starting the countdown to next year. This was our 3rd year covering PRB as press so before I say anything else I have to send a big thanks to the Stern Brothers and BYO for allowing us the privilege to do so. We honestly could not have gotten as far as we have without this opportunity the past 3 years. Special thanks to Alissa Kelly at PR Plus for taking care of our media request, much appreciated.

Day 1

Day 1 for us started the night before at the Bowler Kick Off Party, we made it in town in time to catch CJ Ramone and Naked Raygun at the Country Saloon. CJ was great, it was my first chance getting to see him so if you get the chance to catch him live go. He had a hell of a band backing him up which included Steve Soto. Naked Raygun was a rare treat as I have not seen them play in forever, or at least it seems that long. They were and are still a very influential band that to this day still holds their own against any band and sound as great as ever.

The next day started off with Team AZ KAOS bowling, and actually winning for once despite yours truly bowling his worst 3 games ever, yet it was not enough to get us to the next round. We had fun and that’s all we really cared about.

On to the first day of the festival and I must say highlight for me was finally getting to see Peter & The Test Tube Babies after all these years, FINALLY! Angelic Upstarts were awesome as was the legendary Cock Sparrer. Honestly all the bands were great, The Slackers, Anti-Nowhere League and Devils Brigade along with The Generators, Black Market Syndicate and Vegas locals The Gashers each put on a great performance. How was that for a day 1 of festival shows!

Seeing that there are only 2 of us we bounced between club shows Saturday night catching a great set by New Cold War at Backstage Bar then one of my all time favorite bands Stalag 13 which was beyond great, I have loved that band since I was 15. Then it was off to The Fremont Country Club to catch the end of another great band, The Briefs who did an awesome job. After that I worked my way through a packed bar to the stage to catch the band many were waiting to see….ALL! It was amazing getting to see them again and well worth the wait.

That was our 1st day in a nutshell, an awesome Bowlers Kick Off show, a great day 1 for the festival and some great club shows to end the night. Oh and we bowled.


–Mikey Kaos


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