Sloppy Seconds Return To AZ This Weekend After Almost 20 Years

Speaking of “getting it”, how many bands are akin to the Sloppy Seconds, whose book reads exactly like the cover implies? Sweaty, drunk, rude, and surfing out of landlocked Indianapolis, the self-styled Kings of Junk Rock are still managing to offend delicate sensibilities while entertaining the rest of us. Their last album, Endless Bummer, had a delayed release because the pressing plant was offended by the content, even in the late-late year of 2008. Hail Satan! A punk song isn’t worth listening to unless it gets someone into trouble, after all.

B.A., the lead singer and lyricist, is a living metaphor for everything the band stands for, which basically amounts to being a big lovable slob who ignores trends and social niceties and keeps doing their own thing. The members are all avid collectors of comic books and other nerdy nostalgia, so it makes sense that their songs consist of well-curated material, Ramones throwbacks, glam-rock covers, and references to common scenes in the scene. Free pizza, alcohol-soaked house shows, the terror of tolerating yuppies — we all relate because we’ve all been there. Lyrically and musically, for lovers of punk rock, these songs are timeless. Poke fun at others (and yourself even more) by screaming along about how lesbians just won’t sleep with you, how you’re about to shit your pants from all the booze, and how you’re praying for the day you get signed to a label so you can sell out. A personal favorite is “You’ve Got A Great Body but Your Record Collection Sucks”, which contains excellent life advice any self-respecting music connoisseur should live by.



There was a 10 year delay between the most recent album and its predecessor, and the 10 year mark is creeping up once again. The band is still touring, and they have loyal fans and solid followings, so the possibility of a new release could still lie beyond the horizon. Either way, Sloppy Seconds still defies the clock, rocks your ears, and pisses off your neighbors — everything a punk band needs. If you’re lucky, you might even get a damp, sticky hug from B.A..


Don’t miss Sloppy Seconds live this Sunday, September 17 at The Yucca Tap Room with SideKicK, The Besmirchers, Higley, Heavy Breather, We Might Be Wasted, & Mooseknuckle Sandwich.


–The Finn


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