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AZ Kaos is a DIY punk and arts collective based in Arizona that got fed up with the apathy of local media outlets. For 10 years, we’ve been covering local punk bands, helping book and promote shows, and provided an open forum for those within the community to make themselves heard. Our main objective has always been to make the scene better, but it can’t happen without folks like you. Our family has grown quite large over the years and every single person has helped for the love of punk rock and making the community stronger.



If you want to get involved, have something to share, a great album you want to tell people about, some cool pics from a show you went to or even an entertaining story please submit it to:



If you’re in a punk, ska, psychobilly, or a weirdo-punk-spinoff band or act and would like us to hear your record, plug your AZ show, cover your show, do an interview, give shoddy advice, or whatever, please shoot a message over to:



If you’re one of those PR people, tour managers, booking folks, or just have something neat coming up that requires the presence or opinion of an old punk (possibly two), please tell us we’re pretty at:



If you used to play at or go to punk shows in Arizona and fancy yourself a bit of a packrat, please show-and-tell us all of the neat stuff you saved to:



If something has gone wonky on the site or you just want to complain about the content, let the admin know at:




If you want to hand us some fan art or a bodacious trophy, please send a note to:




If you’re really just lonely and need a shoulder to cry on, please buy a fern.