In-Tents Fest 2018

Get ready for another year of punk rock debauchery in the middle of the desert with the Scumbags and friends.

OC45 (Boston)
Apathy Cycle (Santa Ana)
Bitch n Dudes (Las Vegas)
Sector 7G (Las Vegas)
T.V. Tragedy (Lake Havasu)
Rage and Peace (Pheonix)
Asswipe Junkies (Pheonix)
Broken Record (San Diego)
MandoShanks (San Diego)
Los Lerpes (San Luis, Mexico)
Plebeian Planet (Yuma)
Some Kind of Nightmare (San Diego)
Abocajarro (Mexicali, Mexico)
Alleyway Kids (Yuma)
The Alienated (Orange County)
Deep Cuts (Pheonix)
Anti-Vision (Las Vegas)
L.F.C. (Los Angeles)
Punch Card (San Diego)
The Industry (Phoenix)

October Is For Show Lovers

October Is For Show Lovers

If you haven’t swung by our calendar lately, or even worse, live under a pile of rocks, we here at AZ KAOS would like to let you know that the next three weeks in Arizona are jam packed with punk festivals and a lot of the legendary old guys coming through with shows. We hope you’ve saved those pennies because the avid show goer could easily drop rent catching all the good bands playing soon.


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