Sturdy Ladies/ The Gem Show

The Sturdy Ladies (Phx)

The Gem Show (Tuc)
young old upstarts (feat. members of Whispering Wires, TWGS, Trumans Water, etc. etc) enjoy the chewing aluminum sensation!

Malignus Youth/ Phoenix Hooker Cops/ Dephinger/ Khaos Rule

Join us for a night of hardcore/punk rock music that you will never forget! With Cochise County legends Malignus Youth, special guests… Phoenix Hooker Cops, Dephinger(Phoenix) and Cochise County’s own Khaos Rule.

Doors open at 7 music starts at 8. We’re gonna make history again…don’t miss it!!


Mission Creeps/ Lenguas Largas/ The Rifle/ Magic Kenny

A Surrealist New Year’s celebration featuring The Mission Creeps, Lenguas Largas, The Rifle, & more . . .
Hosted by Magic Kenny of The Bisbee Seance Room
More info at

Come to the most interesting party in the World. Celebrate a surreal New Year in the bizarro, magical town of Bisbee!

What do you wear to a Surrealist Party? Anything you want, the more exaggerated, the better

Advance tickets $10. $12 at the door.

More entertainment and lots of surprises in store.

Early hotel reservations highly recommended. Rooms sell out quickly.

Discount tickets available for Bisbee residents.
Email for confirmation and code