Records Collecting Dust II – Film Screening + Q/A

Q&A with the Director, Jason Blackmore and Roger Miret of Agnostic Front!

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Records Collecting Dust II focuses on the East Coast cities of Boston, New York and Washington DC, and includes in depth interviews with twenty eight highly influential people from the 1980’s hardcore punk rock music scene. Talking about the music, the bands and the records that forever changed their lives. Including Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat/Fugazi, John Joseph of Cro-Mags, Dave Smalley of DYS/Dag Nasty, Bob Cenci of Jerry’s Kids, Amy Pickering of Dischord Records, Roger Miret of Agnostic Front and Clif Croce of The Freeze.

Media About Media About Media: The Negativland Story

This film follows Negativland from their first incarnation in a suburban bedroom to performing on stages across the globe. From creating the handmade first record release to being sued by one of the largest record companies in the world for copyright infringement. The film highlights interviews with band members David Wills, Mark Hosler, Peter Conheim, Don Joyce, Jon Leidecker, Steev Hise, and Tim Maloney. With live performance footage from the early 80s to recent performances. The film illustrates how the band is never stagnating, every changing and evolving with the times. Since 1980 Negativland have been creating records, CDs, video, fine art, books, radio and live performance using appropriated sounds, images, objects, and text. Mixing original materials and original music with things taken from corporately owned mass culture and the world around them. Their work is now referenced and taught in many college courses in the US, has been written about and mentioned in over 150 books (including “No Logo” by Naomi Klein, “Media Virus” by Douglas Rushkoff).

The Outhouse The Film 1985-1997

“The Outhouse The Film 1985-1997”. In the mid-1980s outside this college town, home of the Kansas Jayhawks, punk rock history was being made in the middle of a cornfield. Where the pavement turned to gravel, in a small, primitive cinder block building, bands like Fugazi, the Melvins, Rollins Band, Gwar, the Circle Jerks, Body Count, Social Distortion, Bad Brains, White Zombie, Descendents, Sonic Youth, Green Day, Fishbone, the Meat Puppets, Helmet and Nirvana played to all-ages crowds, a raucous scene of misfits and anarchists on the margins of youth culture. This was The Outhouse. Small, dark and sometimes dangerous, it quickly gained a reputation as a haven for the bands other venues were afraid of, and the kids who loved them.

Including interviews from the bands, the people who attended the shows, the neighbors , the cops, all involved. Live footage , photos, database of flyers.

Idiot Box (Trailer Park)

Idiot Box (Trailer Park)

We’re back again with a round of new and upcoming punk documentaries. Obviously, most won’t be easy to find, but there are some really great ones that will be ready for your eyeballs soon enough.

Join us. Learn some stuff. Hear some great stories.



Queercore: How To Punk A Revolution

A look at the subversive movement that started during the AIDS epidemic of the 1980’s and continues strong today. Covering zines, films, bands, art, hi-jinks, and more from the likes of Bruce LaBruce, G.B. Jones, Genesis P-Orridge, John Waters, Kathleen Hanna, Kim Gordon, Peaches, and many others you might just have heard of. Get your fill of rad-queer, riot grrrl, diy punk, camp, and awesome right here! This one is making the film circuit and will hopefully be out for the rest of us soon.

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Circle Jerks: My Career As A Jerk

Circle Jerks: My Career As A Jerk

If you are a fan of the Circle Jerks then this is a no-brainer to buy or borrow because you will enjoy it. David Markey brings us yet another great documentary with tons of interviews, live footage and a few rarities. Everyone gets their chance to talk and give their opinions and side to the story as why the band is no longer together but what I enjoy more is hearing about how they got together and what the first few years were like. When Keith, Greg or Lucky talk about the early years of the band they do so in a way that is not influenced by what happened in later years, for me it is nice to see that any animosity today does not cloud what they were able to do 30 sum years ago. Zander and Earl Liberty provide plenty of good stories from their time in the band and you learn the whole story on Roger, the original bassist.

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