GLUE!/ Humiliation/ Divine Hammer/ Pig City

For those who live under a rock GLUE are one of the most exciting bands to come out of hardcore in nearly a decade, combining pounding US hardcore and catchy UK82, resulting in a speedy, stomping sound. Hailing from Austin, Texas GLUE have toured most of the world, and have decided to grace Phoenix with a visit this winter. Glue prove Hardcore Punk’s relevance, and can sound anthemic, classic, and downright mean in 2017 which is a feat of its own.

Divine Hammer
Pig City


AZ KAOS Mix Tape #7

AZ KAOS Mix Tape #7

We’re back with more new music to cram into your ear holes. Most of this week’s bands will be playing shows in Arizona soon, so be sure to check out the calendar if you want to support locally. Otherwise, a click on the Bandcamp icon will take you to their page so you can support the old fashioned way.