Idiot Box (New Stuff)

Idiot Box (New Stuff)

Holy shit! There are so many fucking badass new music videos out right now!

L7? They’re here. Kid Congo? He’s here too. What about Blondie? Yep. Alice Bag? You betcha. Plus many more visuals to go with new and old favorite bands. What a time to be alive!


L7 – “I Came Back To Bitch”


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Punk in Drublic Fest w/ NOFX/Bad Religion/ Goldfinger/ Authority Zero/ Guttermouth + More

Created from the mind and liver of NOFX’s frontman Fat Mike and named for NOFX’s classic Punk In Drublic album, which has sold over one million copies.

This Punk In Drublic festival date will feature up to four hours of craft beer tastings featuring over 100 craft beers, including some of California’s best and local favorites. Craft beer tastings are included with admission. Festival hours will be 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM (VIP entry is noon). Complimentary tastings last until 4pm. After 4pm, we will have several types of beer, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks on hand to serve you drinks to purchase.

To celebrate Punk In Drublic, Fat Mike teamed up with craft beer pioneers Stone Brewing to brew their very own Stone & NOFX Punk in Drublic Hoppy Lager, which will be available in cans only in the festival markets. This collaboration is a huge show of support by Stone, as it marks the first time ever that Stone has worked with a musician for a can release. They’ve even included the festival tour date on the back of each can. This is a first-of-its-kind level of commitment from a brewery partner for a festival tour.

The Saturday October 21 Phoenix, AZ Punk In Drublic show will feature performances from NOFX, Bad Religion, Goldfinger, Authority Zero, and Guttermouth.

General Admission and VIP tickets available for purchase. All tickets include craft beer tasting and access to view the music stage.


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