Idiot Box (New Stuff)

Idiot Box (New Stuff)

Holy shit! There are so many fucking badass new music videos out right now!

L7? They’re here. Kid Congo? He’s here too. What about Blondie? Yep. Alice Bag? You betcha. Plus many more visuals to go with new and old favorite bands. What a time to be alive!


L7 – “I Came Back To Bitch”


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AZ KAOS Mix Tape #6

AZ KAOS Mix Tape #6

Would ya look at that? It’s a load of spooky tunes to get you in the mood for the 8 million festivities this week. They’ll tingle your spine and make you suddenly hungry for Count Chocula! They will shock and amaze you! They are what lurks in the shadows! Don’t listen alone.


Nightmare Sonata/ Cult of The Yellow Sign/ Invisible Teal/ Usagi

Nightmare Sonata are a famously theatrical horror punk band from Greensboro, NC, stopping through Tempe to rock, spook, and/or otherwise entertain your face off Thursday, Sept. 28 at Time Out Lounge!

Local support from the following:

The Cult of the Yellow Sign (the textbook definition of goatwave — need I say more?)

The Invisible Teal (emotional, absurd, and lyric-driven art pop from the heart and loins)

Usagi (a gloriously over-the-top Kawaii punk spectacle that one must see to believe)

Schux Famicom (electronic musician’s first-ever live performance of original material)

Admission is free (though donations at the door are encouraged) and 21+. More details forthcoming!