Unfair Fight/ Molotov Cockroach/ Eye Rake/ Kill Spree/ Dumpster Hump

Unfair Fight from Las Vegas graces us with their presence.


joined by…

Molotov Cockroach (members of Common Tongue and Reclaim) – https://www.facebook.com/MolotovCockroach/

Eye Rake (Ben Barnes of Bro-Loaf’s new project) – https://www.facebook.com/eyerake/

Kill Spree – IT’S THEIR FIRST SHOW EVER! – (members of We Might Be Wasted, F.O.L., and Dime Museum) – https://www.facebook.com/KILL-SPREE-2006855539577693/


Dumpster Hump – https://www.facebook.com/DumpsterHump/



Rundown Roomates/ Zero Degrees North/ Corky’s Leather Jacket/ 80*D/ Dumpster Hump/ Molotov Cockroach/ Some Jaywalkers

D.I.T. Arizona & Krusty Palmz (PP-AZ) Present:

A desert party for those of us who didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t go to Punk Rock Bowling this year!

Join us with:

Rundown Roommates
Zero Degrees North
Corky’s Leather Jacket
Dumpster Hump‽
Molotov Cockroach
Some Jaywalkers

Parking and camping are free, firewood is encouraged, and kids under 16 rock for free.


Dogs & Kids at play — mind your glass!

Respect the spot, support the music, enjoy the night!

We will be providing shuttle service to the show!! We understand it may be hard to get all the way out to KP, so we will be having a Krusty Shuttle picking up patrons for FREE at 6:30pm at the Walgreens on 51st Ave and Baseline. Please make sure to be there on time for a ride!!

Are you planning to take pictures and video at the show? PLEASE DO! Send your results to krustypalmz@gmail.com! Photo credit is optional for those of you who wish to remain anonymous.