ModPods/ General Anxiety/ Monty O’Blivion/ Holy Shit

KBOR Records proudly welcomes ModPods to Phoenix!
This dynamic post-punk trio are touring from Los Angeles in support of grunge legends, The Melvins, and KBOR is fortunate to steal them away for an evening of splendor at Trunk Space.

Supporting acts include…

General Anxiety

Monty O’Blivion

Holy Shit

Don’t miss out on this show, come out and support DIY artists directly!




Monty O’Blivion’s Top 5 Releases of 2017

Monty O’Blivion’s Top 5 Releases of 2017

The end of the year means promises of better things, but also a look back at wasn’t completely awful in the last spin around the sun. It also means all the year-end lists from your favorite opinionated assholes.

In this installment, we hear about the top 5 record picks from Monty O’Blivion — head honcho of Manual Sex Drive and former member of local favorites The Limit Club and The Video Nasties. He’s pretty much one of the most opinionated people you’ll ever meet and possibly the best fucking guitar player to come from The Valley in recent history (even if he’ll never admit it.) You can check out all you need to know about MSD and even hear some of their tunes here.-The Ed

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