Punk Rock Bowling 2014 Day 3

Day 3 of Punk Rock Bowling is the day look you forward to with some reservation, it is another great day and night of music but it is also the last day so that is always stuck in the back of your brain as you go about your last day of shenanigans.


The festival started off with a really good set by Rats In The Wall, my first time seeing them and they are really good.


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Punk Rock Bowling 2014 Day 2

After a great day one of festival and club shows we were ready for day two to get rollin! The Objex started the day off with Felony Melony and her underwear getting the gathering crowd ready for the show, great live band.

Lost In Society were up next to keep things moving with their brand of alt/punk followed by another great band La Plebe from San Francisco, this band has a great following and got the first real pit of the day going.

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Punk Rock Bowling 2014 Day 1

Well, the 16th annual Punk Rock Bowling & Musical Festival ended last week so here we are again starting the countdown to next year. This was our 3rd year covering PRB as press so before I say anything else I have to send a big thanks to the Stern Brothers and BYO for allowing us the privilege to do so. We honestly could not have gotten as far as we have without this opportunity the past 3 years. Special thanks to Alissa Kelly at PR Plus for taking care of our media request, much appreciated.

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