Idiot Box (Local Wise)

Idiot Box (Local Wise)

Welcome friends and enemies to another round of local music visualizations. This installment is short and awesome, but that’s just how we like it. Please enjoy your neighbor’s labors and don’t forget to show your support by catching them live or picking up some sweet merch when the opportunity arises.


The Quakes – “Winter Drag”



The Darts“Gonna Make You Love”



It’s Embarrassing – “Mor Ranch”



Vices To The Grave – “Early Goodbye”



The Freeze – “Bloodlights”

Idiot Box (Local Wise)

Idiot Box (Local Wise)

Here we are again with some new music videos from the locals here in Arizona. Please remember that these are “official” videos here and none of that put-the-song-with-an-image-of-the-album-cover or lyric video nonsense. No really — you have video cameras in your pocket at all times, there is no excuse for lyric videos. Please stop making them.

Cheers, please support your locals, and enjoy a taste of ours.


Bleach Party, USA – “Drink Bleach”

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