The 666th Annual Punk Rock Halloween Bash Is Almost Here


  It’s no secret that we may be a little excited for the 666th Annual Punk Rock Halloween Bash coming up this Friday and Saturday at The Yucca Tap Room. To be fair, we’ve been patiently waiting for months while watching details about the show unravel. The anticipation has been painful, and now the reckoning upon us.

  With local musicians playing as some of our old favorites over the course of two days at one of our favorite dive bars, there is never a doubt that this could be anything short of the event of the year. Throw in some games, the people you only see once in a blue moon, a chance to sing along with your closest fiends, some sweet merch to continue supporting your scene, and Bob only knows what else with all the heathens involved. Not to mention there will be a costume contest each day where you can use the excuse of winning stuff to get all dolled up in your most ridiculous outfit… er, we mean costume.



  There have been lots of rumors floating around about some hi-jinks planned for the weekend and possibly even the super-secret identities of “Various Artists.” Let’s just say that every kind of Arizona punk will get a treat and missing out will only bring you many years of sorrow and regret. But really, once the likes of Broloaf (*Top Secret*) and HAM (GG Allin) are mentioned, you should be prepared for anything to happen. Perhaps even consider a waterproof costume or at least a GWAR-style poncho.

We wanted to know even more about what else is in store, so we went straight to the ringmaster himself, Brian Ballz or Damage or whatever he calls himself now of Seizure Salad Productions, for some answers and maybe some insight into what it’s all about. Stay tuned after for set times and more info after.



For those not in the know, tell us a little bit about Seizure Salad and how you got involved with The Annual Punk Rock Halloween Bash.

  Seizure Salad Productions began around 2010 when there wasn’t a ton of people booking punk shows. I think Will Anderson had recently moved away and there seemed to be a drop in shows, so I just stumbled upon some contacts for bands and starting putting shows together.

  The Halloween Bash began in the middle of 2012. It was really inspired by the AZPUNK Thrash of the Titans shows. The idea of a group of people throwing together a band with a small amount of time and playing one big show.


Since there seems to be a lot of misconceptions rolling around about what the punk rock tradition of Halloween shows entail, would you like to clear up what exactly will be happening at the Bash?

  You never REALLY know what’s going to happen at this show. Each band has had control of their own performance and production and usually keep everything under wraps until the night of the shows. The only thing you can really expect is that you’ll have a great time.


How are the bands chosen and assembled?

  Bands are assembled of their own volition. They choose their own members as well as the content they’re covering. They approach me for a spot and I manage to somehow put it all together. The only real stipulation is that the band you are covering is a “punk” band.


What acts are you most looking forward to this year?

  Fuck, there is no way to diplomatically answer this question so I’m gonna say “They are all gonna be great.”

Haha, but for real, they’re all gonna be great.


Do you have any personal highlights from previous years?

  The first year will always stick in my mind. The Adicts were covered by All City Boot Boys and they did an amazing job, there was Dead Boys, The Clash and The Dwarves that year too. It really set the bar for years to come.


Are there any other surprises in store that you can hint at?

  The whole show is really a surprise, like I mentioned before a lot of the details are kept under wraps by the bands playing right up until the show. There’s always a feeling like anything can happen. We just try to control the chaos and get it to run on schedule.


Do you have any advice for folks looking to come out?

  First and foremost, come out to have fun. Some people have thrown around the “if ‘so and so’ doesn’t do ‘this and that’ for their set, I’m gonna…” type shit. This isn’t the sentiment or the culture we’re trying to build here. Not all of the bands will sound perfect, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s simply a chance for us all to come together for the best holiday of the year to sing along to songs we all know for two nights for free. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

  Keep posted to the Facebook event page for the show for updates on set times and other details. The best way to enjoy the show and not miss bands you want to see is to get there at the beginning and stay until the end!!



Set Times

**Reminder that this event is 21+ and FREE both nights.


8:45-9:15 – DR. KNOW
9:30-10 – DISTILLERS
10-10:30 ** Costume Contest **
10:30-11 – X
11:15-11:45 – DEVO
12-12:30 – FEAR
12:45-1:15 – MINOR THREAT




8:15-8:45 – THE CRAMPS
9:45-10:15 – RANCID
10:15-10:45 ** Costume Contest **
10:45-11:15 – ??BROLOAF??
12:15-12:45 – MISFITS (Karaoke)
1-1:30 – GG ALLIN




-Rikki Lee

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