The Bones Brigade: An Autobiography

The Bones Brigade guys were the skaters we looked up to back in the 80’s . Mike McGill, Rodney Mullen, Tommy Guerrero, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain and Tony Hawk along with various skaters from other ‘Teams” such as Christian Hosoi and Duane Peters all inspired those of us who took to skating “back in the day” to try and copy what they did, with only minor success in regards to myself of course.


This documentary will bring back some of those feelings, it will remind you of things you may have forgotten over the past 20 sum years and may even prompt you to add your own narrative to parts of the movie providing annoyance to your girlfriend who is watching it with you, but that may just be me. That is what I like about this documentary, the memories it brings back.


For the know it all folks out there, there will not be much new learned overall when watching this but 90% of those who do watch this are not doing so to get some type of skating education, they are watching it because they loved the Bones Brigade and want to see a documentary about that, plain and simple. It is OK to simply be entertained. One of the highlights of the entire film has to be Rodney Mullen, listening to him talk about what he went through, his soft spoken voice and the way he communicates makes you feel for and admire him all at the same time. Each member of the Bones Brigade reflects on the good and the bad, the pressure of contests, issues at home and school while skating for Powell Peralta, the desire to do well for coach and mentor Stacy Peralta and the underlying competition between each other. I think importantly after all was said and done each of them is grateful for the opportunity they were given and took advantage of.


This isn’t a story of drugs, jail, crimes and missed chances, it is about those who did not waste the talent they had and were fortunate enough to find themselves part of a team lead by a former skater with some business sense. There is plenty of old skate footage in this movie, plenty of amusing stories and emotion and I really enjoyed watching it, I think most of you will as well, so if you have not yet…. go and see it, It is a nice trip down memory lane. You can buy the DVD/Blu-ray or stream it on Netflix. On a final note…..hey Lance Mountain, you were good enough and you did belong dude.   you can find the movie to purchase here!!


–Mikey Kaos

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