The Vibrators To Play LAST EVER Arizona Show Next Week

Legendary punk veterans, The Vibrators, are celebrating their 40th anniversary and coming through The States for one final tour. Yes, this will be THE LAST TIME you will get to experience the true glory of catching them live in Arizona.

Thursday, October 19th at The Quarry in Bisbee, AZ is where you’ll want to be to say farewell and return a little of the excellence they’ve given us over the past four decades.



We’d suggest getting tickets in advance and taking the time off work right about now before you’re S.O.L. as The Quarry is a rather *ahem* intimate venue. If you’ve been promising yourself that you’ll catch them next time, this is your moment to do just that. You can also pick up a hand-numbered, limited editionĀ  (200) copy of their new EP, “Restless” while you’re there.

Locals The Slack Bastards and Xerox & The D.T.s will be opening this not-to-be-missed event and you can get your $10 tickets here.


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