TV Tragedy/ A.T.O.F. – “2017 Split”

TV Tragedy/ A.T.O.F.
2017 Split
Self Released (2017)


There is nothing worse than picking up a split and having half of it blow. I can think of many instances where this particular situation has left me wondering if I can get half the money back because a cup of mediocre coffee would be more fulfilling than having to fast forward through that shitty 4-6 songs again.  Thankfully this split from Lake Havasu’s TV Tragedy and A.T.O.F. is pretty fucking rad on both sides, stitches together seamlessly, and is “name your price” so you won’t even have to forego a drink to get a copy of your very own (although we would still recommend kicking the bands a couple bucks for not being awful).

First 4 tracks are from TV Tragedy, who seem to like describing themselves as horror punk, and while I can hear that, it still feels like the street punk is a little bit louder than the horror. I’d personally like to think they’re what AFI could’ve become if they had stayed a punk band and not developed a sudden taste for that Hot Topic dick, but hey, that’s a different story.

There is a definite lack of raccoon eyeliner, Danzig whoas, vampire worship, and crying in the corner with your choice of dollar store candles here, so that is a major plus in my book. Instead you get well crafted anthems of rage covering the real horrors we face every day. The music is is a tight machine of piss and hellfire, the lyrics are fucking solid, and it all somehow manages to be catchy as fuck without that saccharine aftertaste.

Now that you’re all revved up and ready to smash The State, A.T.O.F. (which apparently stands for A Taste of Freedom, but due to the nature of acronyms, that could change) is going to turn up the dial yet another notch. They’ve managed to nail the classic UK82 sound of early Total Chaos and GBH without going over the crust line, although the crusties probably like them too.

A.T.O.F.’s 4 songs are viciously fast and snotty with just a touch of grime that hits like a rusty nail to the eye. They’re perfectly suited for cranking up on the way to a job you hate or ripping up a pit. The curtain call track on this EP. “They Live” will have you all riled up and ready to shout along in no time. I can’t imagine a better way to end an excellent split, except hitting the repeat button.


You can give it a spin and hand them your money here.


Check out TV Tragedy at the following shows:

Sept. 30 at Grid: Games & Growlers in Mesa with Molotov Cockroach, Dumpster Hump, & Leigh Dekay

Oct. 13 at The Havasu Zombie Pub Crawl (McKee’s) in Lake Havasu City with Guilty By Association, Apathy Cycle, & Circles In The Sky.



–Rikki Lee

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