Vices To The Grave – “Vices To The Grave”

Vices To The Grave
Self-Released (2018)


VTTG has been kicking around the Tempe scene for quite a while now. In that time, they’ve certainly been working hard to carve out a name for themselves and seem to constantly play shows while still releasing new stuff and consistently improving. If you haven’t at least heard the name by now, you should probably get out of the house a little more often.

The new album is far more polished and pretty than previous efforts taking the band from a Lookout! Records feel to something a little more of a Fat Wreck Chords nature. This is most noted on the handful of older tracks that have reappeared and been given an overhaul making the progression of the band to become a better oiled machine heard loud and clear.

With a sound that has been coined as “Old School Punk,”  Vices To The Grave bears a strong resemblance to a number of  infamous West Coast 90’s era Melodic Hardcore bands. While my inner grumpy old punk has to remind me that the 1990’s are considered old school by today’s standards, I’d still be likely to place them in a newer wave of punk rock.

Regardless, this is a solid release showcasing the band’s ethics and ambitions. Their fast and politically charged melodies are backed up with a high-octane rhythm section and plenty of chanting vocals to round out the urgent search for unity rampant in their lyrics.

Generally I prefer music a little more dirty and strange and certainly can’t claim to be a big fan of this particular sub-genre, but I can definitely appreciate everything about Vices To The Grave. There is a sense of honesty and dedication here that seems to be missing from similar acts and I respect that. They’ve been busting ass and the ambition shows.

If you’re into bands like Lagwagon, Propaghandi, NOFX, Ten Foot Pole, etc. then you will not want to miss Vices To The Grave. You can show some love and support by picking up the new self-titled album and catching one of their live shows before they make it big.


You can find the album for listening and/ or purchasing enjoyment here.



–Rikki Lee

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